Lace classes

In addition to our presence in community events, such as local festivals and craft shows, we offer lace classes in the East Lansing area. If you are interested in learning the craft of lace, please contact us, through our website.

Atmosphere in classes is light and friendly. You’ll learn lace making Torchon Style

  1. Read a pattern
  2. Learn the language of lace
  3. Make simple and intermediate projects

The entire course takes approximately 3 months, depending on your practice at home.

Class Projects

Class projects


Read pattern and learn the stitches

Lace samplers

Lace flower

Lace flower

A great practice in reading a pattern. Mistakes are allowed, and you’ll not see them in the finished project.


Learn how to make “spiders”. Challenge your mind.

Class Bookmark



Finally, use everything you’ve learned to make this square. You might have to go back, more than you go forward. Even if the math doesn’t work, it sometimes feels like that.

After you’ve finished these four projects, you are free to chose your own project and keep learning. Come join us on most Thursday¬†nights (see calendar for updated schedule) for a Lace-in, keep learning new techniques, and enjoy the company of other lace makers in the area.