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* This page has been updated on 6/15/2015

The tablecloth project has been launched in July 2013 (wow, it has been two years already).

Current progress


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Pictures from the kick-off gathering

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Project description, from May 2013 Newsletter:

To remind everyone, CALM is embarking on a guild project, which is a Torchon bobbin
lace tablecloth, designed by the Cleveland Guild. Remember it is not Cleveland, Ohio
but Cleveland, United Kingdom. The Cleveland Lace Guild designed and worked on this
tablecloth from 1994 to 1996.
Many new members have joined the guild since the last project—the Withof Lace
designed by Sister Judith. Members have viewed that lace and often expressed a desire to
work on a similar guild project. Following last year’s East Lansing exhibit, Mary Lou
and others recalled our guild was given permission years ago by the Cleveland guild to
make the Torchon tablecloth. Further, this project supports the purpose of the guild to
promote the knowledge of lace and the ideals friendship. It was agreed the Torchon
Tablecloth would be the perfect Guild Project.
The tablecloth is similar to a patch work quilt. There are prickings for 12 blocks.
Jayanthi has taken those prickings and made drawings for each block as well as the
At this point, the plan is to make a 6 foot tablecloth. There will be a linen central panel
with blocks then filling out the tablecloth in a patchwork pattern. The border will be
attached upon completion. This tablecloth could be used at demonstrations. It would
complement our current purple tablecloth made by Fran M. a number of years ago.


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